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Bella Donna

Those who have been following my ramblings for some
time know how much I love the Italian style (actually
more than the French ;-)

I find their way of dressing a little more creative, sassy
and more fun than their French counterparts.
"La moda" to the Italian woman is exuded from within.

Even though rich design is in their history, their style is 
still unmistakeable.

I have both French and Italian girlfriends. 
If I am meeting a French friend, I can more or less guess what she will be wearing 
(in terms of style). If I meet with one of my Italian girlfriends, 
I never know what she will be wearing, and it will always have the “wow” factor. 
By “wow-factor” I don’t mean over-the-top, in a cocktail/frou-frou kind of way. 
I mean “Wow, how can she look so damn good just wearing jeans, 
a t’shirt and a butter soft leather jacket with matching bag, and not a Hermés scarf in sight?” 
My Italian friends never fail to astound me with their style. 

Here are some quick tips to create "la moda Italiana"

In Italy you learn quickly that
"less is more". Women tend to stick to muted 
shades during the day.

Margarita Missoni (Getty image)

Smart casual pants, heavy cashmere sweaters,
cosy wraps and FUR for Winter. Classic, crisp
white shirts, tailored pants and lots of accessories
for Summer

Monica Bellucci (Getty Image)

Italian women have an expert eye for mixing budget with
luxury brands; a handmade bag with an unknown cashmere
sweater is how roll.

Giovanna Battaglia (Getty Image)

Who would have thought trainers could look so glam!

I personally think Italian women are less
severe and more adventurous than their French
counterparts. They are more daring with the
"bella figura". A capri pant and low cut cardigan
would hit the mark in Milan

La Bella Figura (Getty Image)

Italian women have a strong fashion sense without ever
becoming "fashionistas". They always wear the right clothes 
for their age.......and always impeccable.

Anna Dello Russo (Getty image)
Biana Balti (Getty image)

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I would love to know if you agree (and even
better if you don't ;-)