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Be Inspired

OK Lovelies. Pull up your
favorite chair.

Grab your favorite drink.


Milk with chocolate ice-cubes

Pink Grapefruit Margeritas

Blueberry Lavender Mojito
Violet Champagne

OK are you comfy?

Give yourself the luxury of
just 20 minutes to be inspired.

I want to share with you this
wonderful Harvard commencement
speech made by JK Rowling.

I've never read any Harry Potter books
so can't comment on JK as an author.
But as a speaker she really inspired me.


What did you think?
I know the story of working for
Amnesty really touched me.

I can't even remember my own
commencement speech (I have a tendency
to disconnect quite quickly if not inspired),
but this vid really inspired me to not
look at mistakes as failures; mistakes
just mean you are trying ;-)

Would love to hear your views.