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Back to Black

There is something very comforting
about the on-set of Autumn/Winter.

Yes, I can crawl back to my love
for black.

I absolutely LOVE all things black

About 20 years ago I had my
colors done at House of Color in London.
Thankfully, black was very much in my spectrum.

However, all the autumnal colors that we are currently
enjoying were not. So you will never find
an orange, brown, beige, cream (and
any variations on a theme) in my wardrobe.

But you will find lots of black.
Dior Darling

Jason Wu

Black does seem to epitomize
luxury, sophistication, power;
most luxury brands have some
kind of black logo thing
going on

The term "new black" is now coined
often to describe a color fashion trend.
Anyone know what the "new black"
is this season?

Black Liquorice Macarons

Black Beluga Caviar

I've always had black cars. 
Apparently if you own a 
black car it is "supposed" to say
you are "empowered, not easily
manipulated, loves elegance, appreciates
Or you just want a car you don't
have to wash too often (which
was my case).

Henry Ford said
"People can have the Model T in any
color so long as it is black"

" I've been 40 years discovering
that the queen of all colors was
black" (Renoir)

"There's something about black.
You feel hidden away in it" (G.O`Keeffe)

black jewelry, black cuff, black bangle


"Black is not a color" (Monet)

So what's your take on black?
Is you wardrobe/closet filled to the
brim with black items?

Have you used black in 
your interiors?

Do you think we all wear
too much black (as my friends
in Spain are always saying
about us Brits). If I ask
a Spanish or Italian
person to describe a Brits style,
"black" and "drab" always seem to
end up in the mix :-(

Would love to hear your thoughts

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