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All Things Easter + Chocolate

My first Easter in the UK for 12 years
and despite the freezing temperatures
I can't stop salivating at all the choc treats

Choc + shoes. How much better does it get?

Fabergé egg necklaces
Gorgeous Fabergé egg necklaces

chocolate diamond ring
Chocolate diamond and Pearl ring by Werner Aerts

Janet Leiber Fabergé Egg bag

How original are these chic jewelry designs

Chocolate Guccis

Chocolate coloured Gucci's. Does it get
any better girls?

chocolate diamonds

Chocolate diamond ring

Estelle Ring with chocolate coloured stone

Our gorgeous Estelle ring which
has stunning chocolate stones 

Warning to Husband ;-)

What are your plans?
Somewhere hot or cold?
Lots of chocs or not?

Happy Easter Lovelies