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Adios España

Those of you who know me or have been following my blog
know that my 1 year sabbatical in Spain, ended
up being 12 years!

I spent 1 year on the island of Mallorca,
and then 11 years in Seville.

But the time has come to say "adios" to the country
that has been my adopted home.

Whilst you are reading this I will
be making my way across Europe.

I am SO excited about returning to the UK, but
there are so many things I will miss about this beautiful
country, such as these flowers 10 minutes from
where I lived

I'll miss al-fresco dining for 9 months of the year

I'll miss the smell of fresh bread that greets
me every morning

I'll miss paella on the beach most weekends

I'll miss being bare-foot most days

I'll miss gorgeous colors all around me

I'll miss churros and chocolate for breakfast
at the weekends

I'll miss traveling everywhere on 2 wheels:
as a passenger on my husband's Vespa (holding
on for dear life most days, but enjoying the ride)

I'll miss my beloved bike which I used when I 
wanted a more leisurely form of travel "sin"
 husband + helmet hair!

I'll miss my wonderful friends who proved to me
love and friendship has no language barrier.
When you don't have family in the country,  friendships
take on an even more special meaning, and saying
goodbye to some has been one of the most emotional moments
of my life (and I'm usually not an easy crier ;-) But this
time I shocked everyone, even myself!

I'll miss finding grains of sand in between 
the pages of my book

But sometimes when you
know you have made the right decision,
you just have to hold your head high,
try not to cry
and say goodbye

Adios España. You will always
have a special place in my heart.

p.s please forgive me if I don't respond to comments immediately, miss your blog posts or am absent from other social media platforms. I will be without internet connection for some time :-(