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Colourful. Feminine. Bold. Pieces That Say "Step Aside. I've Got This!"



A boutique for the woman who embraces her individuality and realizes life is too short to be “vanilla”.

In a mass-manufactured world Luxuria bucks the trend with beautiful, high quality, hand-crafted pieces that will not only elevate your outfit but also elevate your mood; the pieces that make you dance in the mirror when you put them on.

Each piece supports a woman-daughter- mother-sister-designer owned business.




Every item is gorgeously made and I always gravitate to Vanessa’s pieces when I want to feel special (and I know no-one else will be wearing the same item).

M. Marquez-Arena (Spain)

My wife absolutely loved the earrings Vanessa helped me select (and she is usually so fussy about her jewellery). But more than that Vanessa was so kind and patient as she helped me select the right piece for my wife (even though she has never met her). On top of that she added an extra gift in the package which my wife was so thrilled with. Such a kind and thoughtful touch.

R. Quarry (Ireland)

Vanessa is passionate about the pieces she selects, but it’s her special little touches that always make me feel special. She’s my go-too for affordable luxury when I want to treat myself.

C. Birchmeier (Switzerland)